The South Pasadena Garden Tour 2015

45th annual garden tour on Sunday, April 26 from 1-4 pm

This year, the event will feature two educational components: Debby Figoni, South Pasadena’s Water Conservation Expert, will give lectures on turf removal rebates and water-wise gardening at 1:30, 2:30 and 3:30 pm at 523 Prospect Ave.

Between lectures, at the same location, Figoni and June Scott, local landscape architect, will give advice on creating water-wise front yards (please bring photos of your garden).  With assistance provided by Magistrale Construction and donations from Burkard and Bellefontaine nurseries.

The Plant Swap will be held at 1020 Highland Street. Visitors may bring a plant and take home another.
(No plants exchanged before 1 pm.)

The inspiration for Valerie Hines’ garden on Prospect Ave. came from many morning walks in the Arroyo Seco where Hines was taken by the natural beauty of the many native plants and wildflowers. She worked with Hernan Quezada of Waterwise Landscaping to make the transition from a traditional garden to a more casual drought resistant look. The lawn, groundcover and concrete brick lined pathway were replaced with many California native and other drought tolerant plants. Hines and Quezada included several varieties of fragrant salvia, ceanothus, penstemon, brittlebush, Matilija poppy, sedum, bush morning glory, palo verde and many more. The salvias and Matilija poppies bring visiting hummingbirds, bees and butterflies. Highlighting the front garden is a meandering decomposed granite pathway and boulders, which add to the park-like ambience. A combination of water efficient MP rotors and drip provide irrigation.

The highlight of the Mathews’ front garden on Buena Vista Street is the decades old wisteria that lines the veranda of this Monterey Colonial built in 1930.  The formal backyard garden was designed (with the help of Susan Masterman) to maximize space and save water.   Gravel and bluestone make up most of the backyard while boxwood hedges, ficus, iceberg roses, Bradford pear and Majestic Beauty standard olive trees line the perimeter.  The gravel is low maintenance and allows the Mathews to utilize all of the space.

After removing three quarters of the grass from the front yard of Laura and Peter Wisner’s property on Highland Street, Landscape Designer Mark Bartos’s vision came to life.  A combination of water resilient plants, decomposed granite, a meandering line of olea ‘Little Ollie’ and water catching rock ponds give a whimsical setting to enjoy from any angle.  The swimming pool in the backyard is surrounded with different varieties of palms, fruit trees, flowerbeds and russelia, giving the sense that we are always on vacation in an exotic location.

The secluded gardens created by Kate and Odom Stamps for their acre-size lot on Fairview Avenue sit beneath mature oaks, pines, and crape myrtles.  At the garden’s sunniest end, long flower borders bloom with antique and English roses, foxgloves and scented geraniums. Shadier areas feature oakleaf hydrangeas, ferns, dogwoods, hellebores, abutilons and other shade-loving greens.

If you are interested in hosting your own garden for next year’s tour, or if you would like to serve on the garden tour committee or serve as a docent, please contact us directly.

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